5 Unnecessary Necessities for your Kids Room

1.Tree House Loft Bed

Why we love it: What says encouraging independence like giving your child their own house? Complete with a window box. Your young one can grow some plants and take pride in the fact that they have their own house with their own responsibilities. Just like moms and dads do. 

2. Circle Sofa 

Why we love it: Okay, we gave them their own house. They definitely need a playroom sofa to go in it. 10 different colors to choose from means that you get to pick what inspires your young one most. And be happy these are big and comfortable since your kid is probably going to be one of those neighbors that invites you over all the time. Besides aren't we all tired of seeing the same play couch repeated over and over?

3. Kids' Art Activity Cart

Why we love it: Any of us who have ever experimented with crafts, art, or diy projects knows it gets messy fast. This thoughtfully designed product provides a great way for you and your little one to keep things tidy after the creative juices get flowing and the creative paint gets spilling. Art is therapeutic and relaxing for adults as well as children so having an easy way to access art as a coping skill or a productive energy outlet is super important. 

4. Imagination Tree Bookshelf

Why we love it: We all know that fostering a love of reading in our children is a building block for learning. Knowing how important reading is; why would we not want our books held on such a fantastically designed shelf. Even to look at it is awe inspiring. And that is before we lay eyes on a single page. 

5. DIY Cloud Ceiling

Why we love it: C'mon. What could be more relaxing, awe inspiring or cooler than laying down to go to sleep and seeing the beauty of the sky repeated right on your ceiling? I mean on your child's ceiling...not us, we are adults. But I totally have an extra hot glue gun, just in case anyone needs it...for their child's room of course. 

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