Awesome Uses for your Circle Sofa Play Couch.

Here at Circle Sofa, we spent a lot of time playing with our couch before we launched. The easily configurable design allows for dozens of uses. These are some of our favorites:

Take it outside: Stay with me here. I don't think you should take your play couch to the beach. Who wants sand all over everything? Or anything really... But the covers are completely removeable and washable. As long as your circle sofa isn't being rolled around in the mud or sprayed down with a hose it should be fine. So take it outside. To the picnic. To fireworks. Take it out in the yard and have a place to lay and watch meteor showers. 


Reading Nook: This would be a pretty wall based build. But the circle sofa has a large 32 inch diameter that makes it easy to cozy up on. Fold your legs under and take a little time to read alone or with your kids. Get a canopy with some soft lights and you have yourself a cozy little area to relax

Sleepover: If your kid has a friend sleeping over, no problem. You supply the pillows and blankets and we will supply the completely configurable circle sofa. The large 32 inch diameter makes in more than wide enough for most kids and honestly, I've been know to sneek in a little snooze myself.


Game Rooms: If you ever need some additional seating when the t-ball team comes over, and they all want to play the Playstation, or at least argue about who gets to play next, we have got you covered. We envision our play couch being used by real kids. Kids who for some reason always want to sit no farther than 4 feet from the tv. And for a lot of kids, check out the mega. Easily fits 5 or 6 kids and up to 2 sleepy adults. 

We wanted to focus on fostering independence and imaginative play. The Circle Sofa pieces are not connected to one another and are lightweight enough for young children to lift. If the size is too awkward for them to lift, just give it a roll.

There are many more ideas. What can you come up with?


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