What is a play couch?

What is a play couch?

Good Question! A play couch is a modular piece of furniture traditionally made for children. Most play couches, including our own, feature a foam base with some sort of cushion cover. Essentially, they prevent your kids from stripping your couch of cushions, pillows, throw blankets and whatever has fallen into the cracks to build a fort. 

A play couch can not only rescue your poor couch from the jumping, and the parkour over the backs and arms, but also be a really cool addition to your home. A stylish alternative to primary colored bits and bobs all over your floor...all of the time. We aren't saying that it will eliminate all of that. But maybe some.

Play is important for your kids! Building play encourages kids to learn motor skills and spatial understanding. Not to forget the skills learned when kids use their imagination and engage their creativity. So when your kids stack their play couch up against a wall and make something that looks like a castle they are learning to take ideas from their mind and manifest them physically. And we here at Circle Sofa think that is really cool! 

Why do kids love them?

1. It lets them be rowdy.

Seriously, have you ever tried to break foam? Good luck with that. Run into them, hit them, dropkick them, or use whatever superhero move you just saw on the latest Marvel movie. You can't hurt it and neither can they. More importantly, when they do get rowdy: It won't hurt them! I think everybody has dealt with more than their fair share of bumps, bruises, and wailing from kids just running into stuff. Or, how about that deceptively soft couch with the wood frame that had the audacity to not give at all when your kids did a 360 from the coffee table. Again, we aren't saying this will solve all of this. What we are saying is when they fall into, run into, collapse on, or do a very cool move that they had to show you right this second, the Circle Sofa will be a soft place to land.   

2. A comfy spot.

When it's time to chill and watch a movie. A play couch is just what you need. Your kids can curl up with a juice box and watch a movie for the first time in a space all their own. Even though we all know it will be Frozen for at least the eighth time this week. 

3. MINE!

It's a kids spot. They get a couch just like you do. They can invite you and sure after they go to bed you can totally curl up with a juice box and watch Frozen. But, we here at Circle Sofa think it's cool and empowering to give kids a spot that is for them. After all kids love choices and if given the choice between the boring couch and the awesome couch that belongs to them and was designed with them in mind. We think our Circle Sofa is the obvious choice. 

4. Spill Away. 

Mess happens. Especially when kids are involved. The Circle Sofa was designed with this in mind. A huge zipper and one big piece of foam inside of most of our products make getting those covers off fast and easy. Without them being loose and weird looking. The covers are machine washable for those times where the chocolate milk goes rogue. We also have many color options that would be great for very messy kids! Hawaiian punch is no match for this bright red play couch called lipstick in our catalogue.  The zippers are reinforced so they won't break while you are getting the foam back in.

Why should you get one?

Maybe you want to foster imaginative play, encourage independence, or just save your couch; everyone has their own reasons. We here at Circle Sofa hope that you will make our lovingly designed and produced Circle Sofa a new part of your home. 


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