What makes the best play couch for YOUR playroom?

Well we are here to answer that question. It's no secret that we want you to have our play couch in your house. Listed here are the reasons we think it will be a great fit! 

1. Passion for the Product: We start off by loving and being design perfectionists. All of us here at circle sofa have spent a lot of time sitting and playing with our Circle Sofas. We are obsessed with the fabric that we use and love the way our circle sofas feel on our hands and under our bodies when we are brainstorming, gabbing, or just taking our lunch breaks. 

2. Quality Control: Your Circle Sofa will be inspected and steam ironed before it is packed (We just don't want it to be wrinkly for you guys!) We make sure your Circle Sofa is looking awesome before we vacuum pack it and box it up for you.

3.Unique Design: We have said it before...DON'T BE SQUARE. The circular shape is so cool. It's unique and makes us feel creative and whimsical. As much as some people may like a covered grey block of foam, We hope that you will join us in our club. Also don't be fooled by the circle, you aren't losing valuable butt space, Circle Sofas are big enough to make most adults feel pretty comfy. 

4. Customer Service: We are dedicated! We want to hear your questions. We have chat functions on our phones. We answer emails in a timely manner, and we truly care about your business. 

5: Shopping Small is Awesome: We are a small business and above all we care about our customers. You are our livelihoods. So shop small and make a big difference! 


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