Building forts with a play couch

Building forts with play couches like the Nugget has created fun times for kids the last few years, but it's just so, well.....square. Maybe it's time to knock those square edges off and have some Circle time. Not only can our modular Circle Sofa provide more creative configurations for sitting, lounging and quiet time, but it also presents new opportunities for fun play. Now you can use multiple colors while creating tunnels and secret passages galore. Think out of the box and use circles instead! Below you will find forts built from our Circle Sofa sets. The Junior set in pumpkin, our Deluxe...

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Circle Sofa play couch-Ready for launch

The long awaited launch of our new play couch is almost here. Introducing the Circle Sofa play couch, an innovative comfy play sofa with a unique modular style to create endless configurations and color combinations.   We have been working on our initial batch of inventory. All of our sewing is done here in Virginia and North Carolina. We are slowly turning on some of the colors in our inventory and expect all colors to be available in the middle of June. Be sure to get one while you can!!  

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