Buy individual items "a la carte" and create your own play couch at the same price as the sets. Here are some color combination ideas for how you can create your own unique Circle Sofa.

deluxe ocean blue, limejunior plus slate, graydeluxe pumpkin, lemon, limedeluxe ocean blue, lemon, lipstickjunior plus slate, lemondeluxe lime, lipstickjunior plus slate, limedeluxe lemon limedeluxe ocean blue, pumpkinjunior plus slate pumpkinmega slate bisquemega lime, lemon, raspberryjunior plus ocean blue, sand, lipstickdeluxe lime graydeluxe pumpkin, graydeluxe lime, lemon, pumpkindeluxe raspberry, gravedeluxe lime, ocean blue, lipstickmega raspberry, bisquedeluxe pumpkin limedeluxe lemon graydeluxe pumpkin raspberrydeluxe slate lime graymega pumpkin, bisque